permanent eyeliner?

PERMANENT EYELINER? what is wrong with people. I mean its one thing to put normal eyeliner if you want to enhance your look. Its another thing to permanently color your eye lids so that it sticks! I think its “crazy” how people just come up with things to save few minutes of their time sometimes. I just learnt that something like this even existed.. so I think its kind of weird. what do you think?


Kindness or the revengeful mind ? you decide!

Have you ever watched the “Ellen” show? at the end of the show she always says be kind to one and other. That alone made me like her even more. I think that is what’s missing in this world today. If only people try to stop thinking about themselves and think about others and how they feel and try to be more kind.
I know it is hard sometimes. If someone hurt one of your loved ones, or maybe killed someone. But think about it.. is getting revenge the right way to go? can anything that was done already be undone? why not try to forgive?
I think revengeful mind is the worst kind there is. If you think about it, that’s why people kill each other, torture one and other and be mean to one and other. only for what? nothing good will ever come from it.
Something to think about.. When you feel like “Oh i need to get back at this person” think about what good that it will do!.  try to forgive and forget. because if you think about it, even if you take revenge, what happened can never be undone and it will never heal.
Be kind to people, I guarantee you it will come back and bite you just like if you do something bad. The only difference is you will be happier when it comes back at you this time rather than some bad deed you did to get revenge at someone.
Something to think about I guess.
Make this world a better place. it starts from one person 🙂 join to make a difference in this revengeful world.